Returning to work

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Returning to work

The thought of returning to work after having a baby can be daunting. You can feel like you’ve lost
confidence and knowing how to approach your employer can be tricky.


Whether you’d like some practical advice about making childcare arrangements or you’d like to request flexible working our Career Coaches are here to help.


Having worked closely with Parents looking to return to work after maternity/parental leave, all our Coaches will be able to give you the tools to get comfortable having the trickier discussions.

Career Coaching

Becoming a parent does not need to mean the end of your professional ambitions. Just because you have other commitments, or you’re working part-time this shouldn’t stop you from striving towards your goals.


Our career coaches will help you to understand and formulate those aspirations and work out a plan to start to make it happen while always taking in to consideration your other responsibilities.

OUR Specialists

Tricia & Sarah are both experienced Career Coaches and have a wealth of expertise to help you face any challenge from returning to work, moving your career forward while working part-time or getting your career on track after focusing on your family.

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