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The world of parenting and working is changing. Be a business leading the way

At Parent Cloud we’re passionate about helping businesses to support their working parents. Our Parents @ Work event was put together to give you insight in to the challenging lives or working parents and offer inspiration on the best ways to support and engage them, ensuring your business is at the forefront of the changing world of work. Building and shaping increasingly productive, diverse and engaged family friendly organisations.

Recorded Event Webinars

 Supporting Dads at work: a route to gender equality with Ian Dinwiddy


Ian Dinwiddy shares the reality of being a working Dad in the changing world of work and discusses ways businesses can have a positive impact on their lives, engagement & gender diversity in the workplace.

Parents & Financial Wellbeing with Nudge Global


The uncomfortable truth is rising levels of financial stress is taking business performance and productivity captive. Both employers and employees acknowledge that money worries are hurting business, but are not addressing the issue head on. Poor financial wellbeing is the elephant in the room. When it comes to parents, supporting individuals’s financial wellbeing is even more important. In this session Jeremy Beament, Co-Founder of Nudge Global exposes the elephant that is the poor state of financial wellbeing in the UK, highlights the impact this is having on parents in your organisation and leaves you with key takeaways to support their financial wellbeing. 

Developing family friendly policies that fast track engagement and change with Parent Cloud


Karen Taylor, Founder of Parent Cloud discusses the current state of play for working parents, focusing on the statistics and highlighting the most impactful ways businesses can make a difference to ensure the highest return on investment, developing high performing organisations where family friendly policies are at the forefront.

 Childcare Post-Covid with Parental Choice


Sarah-Jane Butler, Founder and CEO of Parental Choice presented ‘Childcare post-Covid’. This webinar helps you understand what effect the Covid lockdown is having on childcare and what its landscape looks like post-lockdown. She outlines the effects on employees and proposes solutions on how businesses can help. Why there is a need to support working parents and the impact on business if they fail to do so was also be covered. 

Fertility Matters at work


The teams at Fertility Matters & Your Fertility Journey deliver a powerful presentation highlighting their thought-provoking research on why it is vital that organisations consider how fertility impacts their employees. Using real life case studies to bring infertility in the workplace to life, and tips and advice on how you as an employer can better support those facing this real life challenge (please forgive the occasional feedback on the recording)