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Liz is a life and career coach with over 15 years experience in the arts and creative industries. She now uses creative ways to help people make positive changes and specialises in working with parents ‘through the juggle’.

About Me
About Me

I am a life and career coach with over 15 years experience in the arts and creative industries. I now use creative ways to help people make positive changes and specialise in working with parents ‘through the juggle’.

My personal connection to coaching started soon after returning to work following my second maternity leave. Feeling lost in direction, purpose and identity I sought out coaching, which allowed me space and time to work out my mind muddle, built my confidence and led me on a positive path to what I really wanted to do. It was so empowering that I trained to be a coach and have helped 100’s of people during their own crossroads, whether it’s; renegotiating work after parental leave, finding or regaining lost confidence or direction, helping with anxieties or tackling that block of ‘I just don’t know what to do’.

When I am not coaching, I will probably be found doing or exploring something creative. After working in galleries and museums for many years I am a huge culture fan. I love to visit, discover and see exhibitions with my little ones and use any inspiration I can in my life, work and to support my wellbeing.


‘Coaching with Liz has helped me to realised it’s ok to prioritise myself within a busy family dynamic and to give me the confidence to deal with situations I previously felt uncomfortable with’

Sim (Mum of 2)

As a coach I create a safe, generative thinking space for you to unlock potential, think about your mind muddles, in addition to helping you increase awareness and insight in order to achieve your personal, and professional goals. My approach is organic and I will work beside you to tailor a programme that suits your goals and needs.

Sometimes things can feel so overwhelming and big that you don’t know where to start, but with powerful techniques and exercises I will support you to gain clarity, focus or start to feel ‘unstuck’.  In our work together, I will help you to understand and eliminate barriers, ask powerful questions to move forward and provide space and time for self-reflection.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing the power of coaching and how a short piece of focused, creative and rich thinking can have a long and enduring impact for people and a ripple-effect to their families, loved ones and friends.


I am a Licensed, professionally qualified Life coach (accredited Relational Dynamics Coach – ILM Level 7 Certificate). Relational Dynamics takes ‘a contemporary look at how we interact with ourselves and others’. I am also a member of the Association of Coaching.

My experience and background is in Arts Leadership, learning and creative wellbeing. I have many years of designing coaching and wellbeing programmes for individuals, groups and organisations to support a range of different challenges, including: career change, mindset, change management and performance.

I specialise in working with people through ‘the juggle of parenting’ and run group coaching courses for parents returning to work, dealing with anxiety and stress and improving confidence.

My coaching work follows a natural evolution from the work I have been doing for over 15 years in creative environments. The inherent qualities of empathy, good listening, trust and empowerment were key to the successful, productive relationships within my work. These remain essential ingredients in my work as a coach.

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