Dora Fotopoulou


Dora is a qualified Therapist with the British Council for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a passion for helping Parents through all the challenges that life may pose to them. In addition to being able to offer a broad variety of support for both Anxiety & Depression she is also specifically trained in helping couples through fertility issues and will have a variety of approaches to be able to help.

About Me

In my work, great importance is placed on the development of a sincere, genuine dialogue as a crucial component of the therapeutic process, as you and I together pave the way for making the changes you wish in life. I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples to increase their awareness and to move forward in their lives.

I am committed to a high standard of professional therapeutic practice and I am bound by the Codes of Ethics and Professional Procedures of BACP and work in the strictest confidence.



Depending on your needs, the kind of therapy I offer can be explorative as well as practical to help you understand and overcome your difficulties. I offer short-term (10-12 weeks); medium-term (up to 24 weeks) and long-term, open ended therapy.

The first session is an assessment up to 60 minutes to get a good initial sense of your present situation and learn a little about your past, as well as about your hopes for the future. It is an opportunity to say what is troubling you, what has brought you to therapy now and what would you like to achieve in coming. I will be directed about what we should focus and make some suggestions about how we might approach it. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the therapeutic process or about the way I work. If we agree to work together, we will normally meet for 45 minutes each week. For couples counselling is 60 minutes and is usually fortnightly.


Life can be challenging and overwhelming and an authentic exchange outside our circle of friends and family can enable us to overcome the despair that life may evoke in us. I see self-acceptance as a central part of self-development and growth and aim to support people to increase their awareness and develop to their full potential.


My approach holds space for both personal history and unrecognised potential for people looking to understand their difficulties and find a deeper meaning in their life and new possibilities. I have been working within therapeutic counselling settings for several years and have considerable training and experience in general and specialised practice including working with clients facing: relationship issues, challenging family dynamics, depression, anxiety, work related stress, infertility issues, separation, bereavement/loss, shame, low self-esteem, trauma, anger and many other issues that can present to us during our lives.