Catherine Pohl


Catherine is a registered Nutritional Therapist with a special interest in family health and will have lots of helpful advice and tips to help the whole family. 

About me

Catherine Pohl, Nutritional Therapist and Registered Nutritionist (mBANT). “I’ve always loved cooking and eating, but nutrition became an interest of mine in my early 20’s after I discovered the full impact it had on my health and energy as I embarked on a fast-paced city career. Fast forward a decade, and my interest was transformed into a true passion by the responsibility of bringing into this world and raising my two boys. This gave me the opportunity and courage to step away from what I was doing, and turn my passion into a new career that could help others to also experience the power of food.”


Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance. It identifies potential nutritional and lifestyle imbalances and understands how these may contribute to an individual's symptoms and health concerns. This approach offers dietary support to address nutritional balance and help the body towards achieving and maintaining good health.


During a 45 minute session, Catherine will:

  • Discuss your health and wellbeing goals

  • Analyse your one-day food diary

  • Advise on dietary and lifestyle changes you can make – these will be tailored to you, your preferences, tastes and lifestyle to be practical and manageable


Catherine Pohl, BSc (Hons), is a Registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT) and Functional Medicine Practitioner with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (dipION). She has a private practice in Wimbledon, SW London, and regularly runs workshops and courses across a range of food and health topics, but with a special interest in family health and wellbeing, from pre-conception and pregnancy to childhood and teenage health.