Breastfeeding is not the sole responsibility of a woman, it is a societal responsibility and everyone needs support to succeed

Penny Reimers, Lactation Consultant, Parent Cloud


You’ve arrived home with your new baby. You’ve navigated through putting your tiny bundle in the car-seat and driven at a snail’s pace to get them safely home. You’ve probably never been more tired and excited at the same time.


For some, the next steps go smoothly, their baby latches easily and breastfeeding just seems to work. But for many others breastfeeding can be a challenge.


There isn’t one right answer for all, every mother and baby is different and will have different goals and demands. It is our job at Parent Cloud to understand exactly what you want to achieve and then do our very best to get you there.

Our Lactation Consultants' caring, open-minded and practical approach make them ideally placed to be able to help.

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Penny & Laura are both extremely experienced Lactation Consultants with lots of practical advice to help you along the way

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