Huge spike in parents seeking mental health support as the pressures of dealing with coronavirus begin to take their toll

Usage figures from Parent Cloud, an innovative online support service for parents offered through employers, reveals how the events of the last few weeks are taking a toll on parents. This month, 77% of all appointments with their experts are for mental health support. This compares to just 30% in February. This shows just how much the worry and fears around coronavirus have affected parents already. As these appointments are accessed online, parents can get the help they need safely and at a time that suits them.

With the government announcement on Monday 16th March that all employees should work at home if they can and that social interactions should be kept to a minimum, the pressure on parents is only likely to grow in the coming weeks as they try to juggle work and caring responsibilities, which for many now includes parents as the over 70s are being advised to self-isolate. This pressure could increase still further if schools and nurseries close and children are also required to stay at home.

Karen Taylor, Founder of Parent Cloud said: “This is an extremely difficult time for everyone, but it is especially challenging for the 11 million working parents in the UK. The prospect of spending an extended period at home trying to manage work and raising children and the uncertainty of how long these restrictions will last are major worries for parents. While this will undoubtedly be a tough time for employers, it is really important that they provide easily accessible mental health support for their employees, particularly those that are parents. This will provide invaluable support for their mental wellbeing during this difficult period and enable them to come through this crisis with the comforting reassurance that they are not being left to cope alone.”

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